Christa Biegler, RD


Christa Biegler, RD, LN is the host and owner of Less Stressed Life Nutrition & Podcast. She sees telemedicine private practice clients in the areas of digestive, skin, fatigue, sleep and hormone issues. She is the author of The Eczema Relief Diet & Cookbook: Short-Term Meal Plans to Identify Triggers and Soothe Flare-Ups. Her podcast, The Less Stressed Life, provides lifestyle and nutrition content for reducing the inflammation

She graduated from South Dakota State University in journalism and dietetics and completed her dietetic internship at the St. Louis Department of Veterans Affairs with an emphasis in health disparities. She is the president of the South Dakota Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and Marketing Chair for Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She was awarded Outstanding Dietitian of the Year in 2020 and Young Dietitian of the Year for South Dakota in 2017.