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Hi, my name is Alexander Woods; I’m a third-year medical student at the Chicago Medical School. I was born and raised in metro-Detroit, Michigan. I subsequently went to the University of Michigan where I studied neuroscience. Along my path in college and medical school, I fell in love with the field of dermatology. My personal history of rosacea and family history of vitiligo is what piqued my interest originally; however, the systemic complexity and the interplay between the immune system and the skin are what have continued to fuel my passion for dermatology. Understanding why dermatologic diseases manifest and the mechanisms of action of the therapeutic options to combat this makes studying a leisure activity. In addition, my fascination with dermatology is fueled from the immense psychological and social impact the skin can have on people. Helping people physically and psychologically heal is rewarding and brings me joy. For these reasons, I would love to help write at LearnSkin so that I can help provide dermatologists and other clinicians with valuable educational material.

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