About LearnSkin

We are a dedicated group of dermatologists and integrative medicine practitioners with a mission to support professionals in dermatology.
Our goal is to share the latest scientific research and treatment options in dermatology for both Western and Eastern medicine to meet the growing demand for responsible, high quality, and evidence-based education bridging conventional and complementary medical approaches.
About LearnSkin
LearnSkin programs are designed to provide clinicians like you with skills that expand past what was learned in school, residency, and traditional conferences.
We provide timely, compelling, and cutting-edge content that you can leverage for your patients in real-time. Our aim is to improve your knowledge, competence, performance, and patient outcomes.
We explore commonly asked patient questions and complicated diseases from an evidence-based approach with emerging research and integrative therapies with unique content that we spend hours developing and peer-reviewing with our faculty to make sure we provide the most accurate and actional education possible. We are passionate about this movement and advancing medicine!
About LearnSkin

Bridging eastern and western medical approaches

About LearnSkin

Our vision

Our vision is to leverage the best of western science and eastern medical theory to develop an improved, integrative model for patient treatment, diagnosis, and care that is accessible to all healthcare practitioners.
Our hope is for you to inspire change in your patients and reach better outcomes in their overall care. We are your partners in lifelong learning!

Our learners

We serve healthcare professionals from multiple specialties and subspecialties. Our audience is local, national, and international. Our learner is you, the practitioner interested in broadening their knowledge about integrative health.
We welcome physicians, clinical researchers, nurses, physicians assistants, pharmacists, academicians, and other practitioners from Western and Eastern disciplines to join us in exploring the future of medicine.
About LearnSkin


At LearnSkin, we understand that integrative medicine goes beyond the skin to encompass the whole of our patients.
Our parent company, LearnHealth’s team of leading physicians, Naturopathic Doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinicians have partnered in both their research and medical practices to define and develop new educational programs.
LearnHealt Team

Meet the team

Meet the world's leading experts in Dermatology and Integrative Medicine

Executive Board

15+ experts
Leading physicians, Naturopathic Doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinicians work together to define and develop educational programs that fill gaps across disciplines for a more comprehensive approach to patient care.

Strategic Advisory Board

10+ experts
Experts across women’s health, pediatrics, and family medicine help ensure our programs address diverse patient populations and continuation of care from early diagnosis to appropriate referral.

Esthetician advisory board

6+ experts
Renowned estheticians and educators have developed the Integrative Esthetician Certificate Program with emphasis in skin of color and holistic skin care.

Scientific editors

4+ experts
LearnSkin content is peer-reviewed by a team of dermatologists for scientific accuracy and clinical relevance.


5+ experts
Headquartered in Sacramento, CA, our passionate and dedicated team oversees the day to day operations of program development, membership, and events.
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