Brennan Dedecker

Brennan Dedecker

, ND


Born and raised in Wallaceburg, Ontario, Brennan has always had a passion for health and well-being. This passion brought him to Western University where he earned his BHSc with an Honors Specialization in Health Promotion. During this time, Brennan served as an Executive member on the Learning It Together Program and the Faculty of Health Sciences Students’ Council. In these roles he actively collaborated with his peers and fellow Executive team members, organized and executed a number of faculty-wide events, developed promotional materials and merchandise, coordinated and mobilized program volunteers, and managed the associated social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. Upon graduating, Brennan worked as the Local Project Manager for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent for one year. However, after realizing that his passion for prevention was best met when combined with his desire to serve and help others one-on-one, Brennan decided to pursue a career in Naturopathic Medicine.

Around the same time, Brennan also began working for Lululemon and Cyto-Matrix, where he found a love for product and innovation. In both roles he’s had the chance to share his passion for the respective brands, and teach people about what they have to offer. For Cyto-Matrix specifically, this role allowed him to create invaluable relationships with students and faculty at CCNM, and has allowed him connect meaningfully with the larger Naturopathic community in a way he couldn’t have otherwise. From organizing events to hosting information sessions about a wide array of topics, Brennan has positioned himself as the point of contact for students and has become a familiar face on campus. As an active LearnSkin member, and having attended IDS 2020 along with other continuing education courses in dermatology, he has enjoyed supporting the Integrative Dermatology Club at CCNM this year and is excited to take over the club with another student in May. Now in his fourth year of study at CCNM, Brennan is eager to bring his enthusiasm for student engagement and his passion for integrative dermatology and health promotion to the IDS Team and to the CCNM community as a whole.

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