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Cat is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and has spent most of her career in the functional laboratory diagnostic space. Her educational background has a dual appointment in exercise physiology and dietetics with a master’s degree in metabolic physiology. She has a decade of experience in advanced laboratory interpretation, education, and counseling in addition to clinical practice. She takes a functional and integrative approach to health with a firm belief that “all disease begins in the gut”. Her research interests and passions include insulin signaling, nutrient metabolism, and weight loss physiology. Cat also is a certified diabetes care and education specialist. In clinical practice, Cat specializes in cardiovascular prevention, sport performance nutrition; gluten sensitivity, celiac and autoimmune nutrition; the gut-brain connection, and of course all things related to the digestion, the microbiome and intestinal health where she has chosen to “niche down”. As a clinician and educator, not only is Cat a member of the Medical Education team at Diagnostic Solutions Lab, but also the Clinical Content Manager playing a pivotal role in education program design. Cat is a graduate from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). She moved to Colorado in 2007 to attend graduate school at Colorado State University. Today, Cat lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, young daughter, and dog. They enjoy all the city has to offer, but frequent the mountains often for hiking, snowboarding, and camping.


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