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Chelsea is a first-year medical student at Rosalind Franklin University who is fascinated by skin health and eager to build a career as a dermatologist. Her passion for medicine is rooted in her love for learning and endless curiosity about how the human body works. She believes her academic success comes from her inability to merely accept information that is presented to her without thinking through why that information makes sense. Chelsea loves solving puzzles and figuring out creative solutions to problems, which is what drives her interest in research. During her undergraduate studies, she spent two years working in a developmental neurobiology lab, where she was taught how to think critically about research design and come to my own conclusions about the validity and interpretation of results presented in research articles. She spent the next three years working in two different clinical research departments, where she helped refine study protocols by giving feedback about logistical issues and practicality when it came to actually implementing protocols.

Chelsea's interest in skin started from her experiences dealing with various skin pathologies of her own for years, with the most frustrating of them being dyshidrotic eczema. After seeing many different physicians and doing reading of my own, I was fascinated by how many different factors could contribute to its development. As she begins to learn more about this organ system, she has grown even more excited and certain that this is the field she wants to dedicate her career to. She is eager for more opportunities to learn about skin health.

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