Christina Kung, DAOM, LAc


Christina Kung came to this profession as a patient suffering from a severe dermatological condition since early childhood. After many years and several failed attempts to treat her illness through the best Western medical doctors across the Bay Area, Christina stumbled upon a practitioner of traditional Chinese edicine who was able to heal her damaged skin.


It is now her goal to help others as her practitioner helped her by supporting patients on their journey to better health through the power of traditional Chinese medicine. Christina specializes in orthopedic acupuncture techniques for pain management as well as acupuncture and herbal therapy  for a variety of dermatological conditions and emotional well-being.


DAOM, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
MS, Traditional Chinese Medicine, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
BS, Gender Studies & Film Production, University of Miami
Licensed Acupuncturist, California State Acupuncture Board
Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


Creating balance and harmony within the body and with the environment around you allows true beauty to shine through