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Keira Bar

, MD


Dr. Keira Barr believes that going through menopause shouldn’t mean you have to push pause on feeling comfortable, confident and sexy in your skin. As a dual-board certified dermatologist, global speaker and best- selling author, she founded the Resilient Health Institute and created “The Skinny Dipping Method” to help midlife women strip away the fatigue, stress and shame surrounding menopause and uncover the secrets to making midlife the best time of their life.


Prior to launching Resilient Health Institute, Dr. Barr was on the faculty at the University of California-Davis, School of Medicine in the departments of dermatology and pathology. Dr. Barr is internationally recognized for her creative research and has numerous peer reviewed publications and book chapters.


Dr. Barr's expertise has been featured on national tv, radio, podcasts as well as popular outlets including MindBodyGreen, Reader’s Digest, Glamour, SELF, and Oprah magazine.

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