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Lily Talakoub

, MD


Dr. Lily Talakoub's decade is medicine and dermatology was molded as she began her career in the Office of the US Surgeon General. As a Washington DC insider she developed her career as a leader and expert in the saturated world of skincare and beauty. As one of the youngest CEO's in her field she grew her skincare mecca 10 fold in 5 years. She is known as a industry leader in skincare having influence over the development and branding of some of the top beauty products in the world. Dr. Lily is a leading expert on the board at Frontline Media where she has written over 100 articles on skincare and cosmetics, Dr. Talakoub is a name media insiders trust. She is a regular expert on the news, has over 150 written media pieces in magazines such as INStyle, New Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Allure etc and is a national trainer and lead injection expert for Allergan.

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