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Marian Conaty is in her final year of the Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine program at Pacific College of Health and Science in New York City. Originally from Miami, she studied biomedical ethics, poetry, and public health before dropping it all for a decade-long career in retail merchandising. While working in “fashion” she learned much more about business, creativity, perseverance, cashmere, spotting counterfeit bills, and managing people, time and resources than she ever expected. In 2018, Marian decided to study traditional Chinese medicine after experiencing relief from her chronic shoulder pain (brought on from folding too many sweaters) from a tui na treatment. Her interest in integrative dermatology is rooted in the idea that disease at the skin level reflects deeper, more systematic imbalances. Marian spends her free time listening to podcasts, making lists, and learning to identify the Chinese medicinal plants growing in her neighborhood. She continues to work to improve her intercommunication and pulse reading skills.

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