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Michael Chapman

, ND


Dr. Chapman first began his education into health and wellness by cultivating a strong curiosity into the factors that shape mood and behavior by studying neuropsychology and biochemistry as an undergraduate at Indiana University. It was also during this time that he began studying Tibetan Buddhism and integral philosophy which also shapes his approach to health and wellness.

After spending a year in pharmaceutical drug research awaiting and preparing for medical school, he decided to alter his course and pursue a career in naturopathic medicine rather than conventional medicine. He attended Bastyr University and focused his training in nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and biofeedback. It was during this time that he started to cultivate his own approach to medicine.

Dr. Chapman opened his own private practice in Asheville, North Carolina where he focused on getting to the root causes of patient's chronic conditions. While this often involved natural therapies such as herbal medicine and nutrient therapy, he also began to focus more on overcoming the barriers to behavior & lifestyle change.

The last 4 years, he has worked at Genova Diagnostics as Product Development Manager and Medical Education Specialist. Aside from educating and consulting with integrative and functional medicine practitioners, he is responsible for researching and developing new test panels such as Genova's Methylation Panel. He is Genova's nutrition, genomics, and endocrine product line specialist and has delivered presentations nationwide at functional and integrative medicine conferences such as A4M, IFM, and IHS.

Dr. Chapman is a writer and contributor to the upcoming edition of The Textbook of Natural Medicine, authoring chapters on urinary organic acid testing and urinary porphyrin analysis. His recent work is on his new integral approach to medicine called the Tenets of Health. Through this innovative approach, Dr. Chapman is bringing his unique insights to help patients discover their own obstacles to healing, which allows them to truly heal inside-out.

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