Pam McGhee


I began my career after college working for a small start-up company in an 800 sq. foot apartment in La Jolla, California. I helped introduce and launch their new product line into health food stores across the nation and marketed at local sporting events. The small company, Kashi Cereal was later sold and soon became a household name. I then moved back to Northern California to be closer to family and worked at Nordstrom for a seasonal sale. It was there I met a customer who was a hiring manager for Merck & Co., Inc. I ended up getting a job at Merck and spent over 25 years of my career in pharmaceutical sales calling on a variety of specialists. I launched a wide range of first in class products for every disease state from head to the toe. My accounts included academic, community and VA hospitals, medical groups, and individual physician offices throughout Northern California.

I love the art of sales and sales leadership. I study, steal and adopt best practices from winning coaches and successful people in all facets. Above all, I anchor on the mindset that people will never forget how you make them feel.

I love traveling and spending time with my family. Whenever time permits, I volunteer at my kid's school and our local church. I strive for balance by staying active hiking, spinning, running and practicing yoga.