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Pamela Springer’s knowledge has given her the recognition as a leader in aesthetics education. She is highly sought after professional speaker for TV, medical conferences and aesthetics tradeshows. She has appeared on Oprah, as well as a skincare expert on local stations, such as FOX, NBC and ABC affiliates.


Pamela began her career in the beauty industry as a National Training Director for a major skincare company. She soon discovered the industry’s lack of information on the skin care needs of the ethnic market. This encouraged her to complete her licensing goals as an Aesthetician and also, as an Aesthetics Instructor.


Though her initial training in aesthetics allowed her to know the skin and its treatments of various skin conditions, there was no training in the nuances of ethnic skins.


Searching for this training, she was introduced to a well-known board certified dermatologist and medical school professor who specialized in Ethno Dermatology and was given a 9-month internship. Pamela realized the importance of this untapped market and founded The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona, offering studies in the anomalies seen in skin of color.


In 2009, Springer introduced Global Skin Solutions, a corrective PRO skin care product line. Global Skin Solutions is formulated to reflect the unique challenges consumers face in today’s diverse ethnic market. For more information or a personal consultation, send an email to [email protected].


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