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Vasu Dudakia


As the Founder of Veda Holistic Health, Vasu's work integrates the ancient science and wisdom of Ayurveda targeting the mind and body to address the challenges of modern living. Clients and students experience learning about their unique metabolic and psychological profiles, how to eat for your body type, how to alkalize the mind to support a life of vibrant health, creating value systems and structures where happiness and well-being are the natural outcome, annual physical and mental detoxes and therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC). He believes Ayurveda is the missing link to western medicine providing individualized wellness with time-tested preventative applications. His unique knowledge and skills have been gained through years of study with highly accomplished teachers, service and practical experience. He has curated and led a number of events and workshops around the sciences Ayurveda in service to families, tastemakers and high profile people. Vasu travels around the US and overseas giving inspirational talks on Ayurveda and leading life-transforming retreats.

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