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Yoon Lee

, L.Ac., D.Ac.


Dr. Yoon Lee is a licensed acupuncturist and Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, currently practicing at Treatment by Lanshin in Brooklyn. One of her speciality is Constitutional Assessment, which helps to regulate the body-mind system for prevention, enhanced performances, pain and illnesses. She offers individualized treatment plans, diet modifications, and lifestyle adjustments.

For the past ten years, she focused her studies on psycho-sensory modalities to help people with stress, anxiety, trauma, and psycho-somatic disorders.The body holds all the events and thoughts that we have lived, most often shown in our tension patterns.

She believes that acupuncture is effective in addressing immediate health concerns, but it can go further to deepen one's understanding of thought patterns, habits, and emotions. It can help bring to consciousness the unconscious material of one’s psyche, in order to bring more awareness and freedom.

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