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InYoung Kim

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Multi-Specialty Practice
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States


InYoung Kim, MD, PhD is a board-certified dermatologist. Improving the lives of patients with dermatologic conditions through a holistic and evidenced-based approach is where her passion meets purpose. With a PhD in Immunology focusing on the gastrointestinal immune system, she believes that the gut plays an important role in health and disease, including skin health. She is particularly interested in the role of diet (including oral supplements) and other holistic approaches to dermatologic conditions -- especially chronic inflammatory disorders. She completed the one and only formal training program available in integrative dermatology for board-certified dermatologists (Integrative Dermatology Certificate Program through Learnskin).

Area of interest

Medical, Aesthetic, and Surgical Dermatology

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