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Hi there! My name is Ashley, and I'm a licensed educator teaching science-based and peer-researched skin and beauty nutrition programs created by Star Khechara of the Skin Nutrition Institute™. I certify practitioners and professionals in subspeciality topics such as: Beauty Nutrition Fundamentals, Beauty Chocolate, Beauty Juice, & Beauty Superfood Formulation, Skin Hydration, Dietary Sunscreen, Skin Microbiome Health, Cacao Bioactives, and the Gut-Skin Axis. As a teacher and owner of Glow Flow Edu, I provide 1:1 as well as group, team, and corporate trainings in virtual and live environments.

I consider myself a forever holistic student and love to bring my curiosity and skin nerdy-ness to my classes. My interest in skincare grew from discovering my grandfather was found to have multiple skin cancers as a postman in the 1970s and 1980s. I've worked in dermatology healthcare administration & billing as well as in a salon and spa, so I appreciate both aspects of beauty and nutrition and the roles they play in our skin health.

Area of interest

Skin Nutrition, Beauty Nutrition, Dermatology, Holistic Beauty, Holistic Health and Wellness


  • Associate of Science, Northern Virginia Community College (2011)

    Skin Nutrition Institute™ Licensed Educator, 2023


  • Skin Nutrition Institue™ Licensed Educator, 2023

Virtual Appointments Available

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