User: Jennifer Brand

Jennifer Brand

Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Science (MS/MSc)
Culver City, California, United States


Jennifer Brand, MPH, MS, CNS is an integrative and clinical nutritionist, and the founder of Jennifer Caryn Brand Nutrition. She specializes in childhood skin rashes, food allergies and sensitivities, and gut problems. Jennifer’s own struggle with gut problems and disordered eating, her father’s battle with psoriasis turned psoriatic arthritis, her brother’s diagnosis of psoriasis, and her mother’s diagnosis of vitiligo left her frustrated, and stirred her search for a different approach as conventional means fell flat.

In 2013 she opened her private, clinical nutrition practice. Jennifer left her corporate healthcare career in 2017 to focus full time on helping clients get relief by addressing imbalances in the gut microbiome.

Jennifer’s work has been featured in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Voyagela, as well as on podcasts, online summits, and in-person presentations at venues such as Casa Colina Hospital in California.

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