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Linda Rank

Physician Assistant (PA)


Linda Rank has been a practicing Physician Assistant specializing in Dermatology since 2001. Although she claims specializing in Dermatology came out of necessity and accident of chances, she now acknowledges that it was destined and has become her calling. Being in Dermatology when the introduction of the aesthetic explosion starting with Botox and following other added products, positioned Linda to be one of the early experts of the aesthetic industry. After a decade of recognizing that so many of her patients were craving basic knowledge of aesthetics treatments, she wrote a book “Take Charge of your Beauty.” Her book educates readers on the basics of Botox, Fillers, and skincare to help create confidence in choosing their treatments. A lover of personal development, Linda asks her patients to redefine what beauty looks like. A true believer that our outside beauty truly is reflected from one’s mindset and self-talk, she approaches her treatments in a more personal matter. She is not opposed to denying an aesthetic treatment to someone who is not emotionally or mentally suited for it. Linda truly believes that her needle is not a cure for the heart and is meant to support a person with confidence. Linda and her husband own a medical practice in Orange County, California and enjoy outdoor activities with their two sons.

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