Qingdi Geng

Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Internal Medicine
Medical Acucare


Dr. Qingdi Geng, the founder of Medical Acucare, is board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. She has worked in the central New Jersey area, draws on over 10 years’ worth of clinical experience in treating a variety of medical conditions. Throughout her practice, she discovered that conventional medical treatments are effective in managing most acute conditions – like a broken bone or a stroke – but often fall short in improving the progress of chronic diseases. This motivated her to pursue advanced training in Acupuncture and Functional Medicine. Now, she combines the best of conventional medicine, functional medicine, and acupuncture to identify the root causes of her patients’ chronic issues and optimize their health and wellness. At Medical Acucare, Our vision is to use a personalized approach to help you reach your optimal health. By focusing on every dimension of your health and well-being, we aim to know your life story, find the root cause of the issues, and alleviate, if not reverse, the symptoms and progression of chronic diseases.

Area of interest

Hormonal Balance, Integrative Skin Care, Digestive Health, Cardiac Health, Autoimmune issues, and Metabolic Dysfunction such as Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity. 


  • MD


  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine & Medical Acupuncture

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