LearnSkin is part of the parent company LearnHealth that offers online medical education programs for practitioners who see patients with dermatology conditions. LearnSkin also hosts the annual Integrative Dermatology Symposium.
While most of our courses require a paid membership, we do have a few that are free! Check out our course page for the free courses currently available.
The majority of our courses offer AMA and CBRN/ANCC credits. A few of our courses have credits for Ayurvedic practitioners, Naturopathic Doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, and more as noted in the course overview page.
LearnSkin CME programs are accredited in the United States. Please check with your country’s education council on credit transferability.
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Please check the course description for credit count. If none, then this is a non-CME activity that does not include a certificate of completion. Most webinars and articles provided at LearnSkin are additional non-CME resources.
We are happy to support you on your learning journey! In order to become a dermatologist or skin care professional, you will need to complete an accredited program at a medical institution. LearnSkin has an internship program available to current medical students but does not guarantee dermatology residency placement. To learn more, contact info@learnskin.com.
Yes, we welcome medical students and fellows with at least 10 hours per week available to intern with us for the year. We request a minimum 12 month commitment that includes 2 articles per month along with weekly group calls. To apply, click here.