Dermatology courses for Estheticians


Estheticians are often exposed to a variety of skin types and concerns. Clients seeking beautification may also have medical concerns that need to be addressed. Being familiar with the clinical signs to guide early referrals is greatly beneficial to both estheticians and their clients.

In addition to referrals, esthetic practices are ever evolving. From steaming, to waxing, to chemical peels, and lasers, treatment options available can be improved with better understanding and education.

LearnSkin was created by an interdisciplinary team to share best skin health practices amongst practitioners. We’re focused on providing up-to-date continuing education for estheticians taught by the world’s leading experts on dermatology and integrative medicine.

Dermatology focused

Gain a deeper understanding of skin anatomy, functionality, and common signs to look out for when it comes to diseases and techniques

Earn certificates

Earn certificates on various skin care practices

Increase effectiveness

Enhance your evidence based knowledge to better address client concerns, improve client satisfaction, and deliver better skin care

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