About LearnSkin

Our mission is to provide high quality integrative medical and dermatology education for healthcare providers and skin care professionals.

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At Learnskin, we are not just creating content, we are building a community. As a benefit to our members, we extend an invitation for you to join our network of practitioners and become a part of our member directory.

  • Introducing LearnHealth

    At LearnSkin, we understand that integrative medicine goes beyond the skin to encompass the whole of our patients. To meet the increasing demand of patients for alternative and integrative treatment options and to provide compelling, cutting-edge content that practitioners can leverage for their patients, we are expanding to bring you LearnHealth.

    A first of its kind, LearnHealth’s team of leading physicians, naturopathic doctors, ayurvedic practitioners, and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinicians have partnered in both their research and medical practices to define and provide the best integrative treatments and care practices.

    The medical professionals at LearnHealth understand how difficult it can be to fit continuing education into a practitioner schedule. For this reason, LearnHealth offers both online and in-person CME offerings, articles and video courses, podcasts, and more.

  • The LearnSkin Advantage

    • Choice: A wide variety of course topics and medical disciplines. LearnHealth offers healthcare professionals the option to tailor their CME learning experience.
    • Community: LearnHealth is building the largest integrative medicine network in the world. We offer numerous online and in-person opportunities to network with like-minded medical professionals.
    • Pacing: All of our CME offerings are self-directed, allowing practitioners to work at a pace that suits their busy lifestyle.
    • Convenience: Everything practitioners need to meet their CME requirements is now in one place. LearnHealth has all the accredited continuing medical education content practitioners need to complete their CME requirements. Our team and course catalog are ever-expanding to include timely engaging course material, along with a fresh take on generally required CME content.

  • Our Story

  • Integrative medical and dermatology education

    "LearnSkin brought to you by LearnHealth is a professional and trusted resource for skin, health, and education. We deliver content that is written, vetted, and peer reviewed by the world’s leading experts in integrative medicine. LearnSkin puts practitioners in the driver’s seat by providing a curriculum that aims to improve patient care through high-quality, evidence-based activities."

  • Our Mission

    "LearnSkin is a movement to define and offer the very best in integrative treatments and care practices. We provide timely, actionable, compelling, and cutting-edge content that practitioners can leverage for their patients in real-time. Our continuing education programs offer a host of relevant, practical, and completely unique CME courses and offerings designed to improve knowledge, competence, performance, and patient outcomes."

  • Our Vision

    "Our vision is to leverage the best of western science and eastern medical theory to develop an improved, integrative model for patient treatment, diagnosis, and care that is accessible to all healthcare practitioners."

  • Our Programs

    LearnSkin provides continuing education activities with an integrative and innovative approach that you won’t find anywhere else. Our content is geared towards healthcare professionals in both Western and Eastern medicine across multiple specialties and subspecialties. Our curriculum encompasses a broad range of educational levels from basic to advanced.

    We have designed our content to meet you where you are at. Enhance your practice and improve patient outcomes with our CME course series, podcasts, webinars and workshops. Take the discussion out from behind the screen and join fellow practitioners and leading experts from around the world at our annual Integrative Dermatology Symposium.

  • Our Learners

    LearnSkin continuing education programs serve healthcare professionals from multiple specialties and subspecialties. Our audience is local, national, and international. Our learner is you, the practitioner interested in broadening their knowledge about integrative health. We welcome physicians, clinical researchers, nurses, physicians assistants, pharmacists, academicians, and other practitioners from Western and Eastern disciplines to join us in exploring the future of medicine. LearnSkin’s content is appropriate for specialists and generalists alike.

  • Proven Results

    LearnSkin uses a variety of modalities to suit the learner’s needs. Designed to fill the professional gaps revealed in the needs assessment, our programs are designed to increase knowledge, competence, and performance. Improve outcomes for patients by practically applying the knowledge and skills gained through our continuing education activities to your own practice.

    It is the goal of LearnSkin’s continuing education programs to continually improve outcomes and measure the effectiveness of its activities to provide the highest quality education.

  • Join Our Team

    Send your resume and area of interest to info@learnskin.com.