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How Yeast Ferments Can Benefit Skin

Published on 06/16/2021
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What is The Benefits of Yeast Ferments for Skin

Yeast are microorganisms classified, along with mushrooms and molds, under fungus. They can be found almost anywhere in nature, inside the intestines of animals, and on human skin. On a cellular level, yeast are quite similar to us, and can therefore be used to study biological processes that occur in humans. Even though yeast can cause certain health issues such as vaginal infections and diaper rash in some situations, there are many ways they can help us.

The Fermentation Process

In the absence of oxygen, yeast can grow by a process known as fermentation. In this process, the yeast feed on sugar and convert it into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol.[1] While fermentation certainly benefits the yeast, it can also benefit us. Humans have exploited the fermentation process for making bread, beer, kimchi, kombucha, and many more foods and alcoholic drinks we enjoy today.

Effects of Yeast Ferments on Skin

In addition to food and drink, it turns out that yeast ferments may have a place in skincare as well.

Topical application

Galactomyces fermentation filtrate (GFF), a topical fermented yeast product, was found to help protect the skin from environmental damage and maintain proper hydration by contributing to skin barrier function.[2] In another study, GFF was also found to increase skin barrier proteins, which may especially be beneficial for certain skin conditions such as eczema that display a decrease in these proteins.[3] Researchers also observed anti-inflammatory effects and protection of skin from damage by another fermented yeast product, called Saccharomycopsis fermentation filtrate.[4] As such, skincare products formulated with yeast ferments may provide additional benefits.

Human gut microbiome

The human gut microbiome, the microbial community, and the molecules they produce within our gut have been discovered to play a role in the development of some inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.[5,6] Since an imbalance of the gut microbiota can lead to skin diseases, consuming fermented products can help by restoring the balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ microorganisms within the gut.

Table 1. Yeast byproducts and their effects
Ferment Byproduct Effect

 Galactomyces (GFF)

Helps protect skin against environmental damage such as dryness and increases skin barrier proteins


Inhibits epidermal damage


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