Newest Sunscreen Trend: Double Application

Two layers of sunscreen are way better than one

A Single Layer of Sunscreen Is Probably Not Enough

Sunscreen is something that should be applied every single day, rain or shine. In fact, if you do not already, sunscreen should be reapplied every few hours. This is something that is recommended on the labels of many sunscreens. However, many of us may actually be applying our sunscreen incorrectly. Continue reading to find out more about what double application means!

Protection against sunburns and increased skin cancer risk can be achieved by using sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure during the middle of the day when the sun is most intense, wearing clothes covering as much skin as possible, and staying under shade. Studies have shown that people often get sunburned after only a single application of sunscreen. In fact, many people are actually not applying a thick enough layer of sunscreen and often miss parts of the body, which leaves them exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.


A Second Layer of Sunscreen Is Skin Saving!

A study comparing the effects of double application versus a single application of sunscreen showed the benefits of a double application. From the 31 participants in the study, they found that double application greatly reduced the areas missed from the first application of sunscreen. There was also an increase in areas of the body where sunscreen was evenly distributed and the total amount of sunscreen after the second application of sunscreen.

Similar results were found in another study involving beachgoers. There was an increase in the amount of sunscreen used after double application except for the upper back, which is usually a spot that is hard to reach. After a single application, around 20% of the skin was missed, but this percentage was halved after another layer of sunscreen was applied.

On days when you know you will be outside, especially during vacation, do not hesitate to ask for help when you are not able to put sunscreen on certain areas outside of your reach. The ears, back, and thighs have a higher chance of being missed when applying sunscreen.


Bottom Line

Apply two layers of sunscreen.

It is very important that we make it a habit to apply two layers of sunscreen every time. The extra layer is like checking your work to make sure that all parts of the skin are covered. It is important to protect our skin at all times and especially when doing outdoor activities. Don’t know where to start? This article gives some tips for choosing the sunscreen right for you!

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