Course: Natural Approach to Nail Care
Natural Approach to Nail Care
Chaitra Subramanyam

The nail is a unique keratinous appendage that can manifest various pathologies. Promising preliminary data has shown natural topicals such as horsetail or indigo naturalis extract help improve psoriatic nail symptomatology. Naturally derived topicals such as essential oils, sunflower oil, and natural resin appear to be promising in helping treat onychomycosis, but more large-scale studies must be done in order to prove their efficacy. This activity will review the evidence for the use of natural approaches for nail care.


User: Chaitra Subramanyam
Chaitra Subramanyam

Chaitra is a first-year medical student. She graduated from The University of Southern California undergraduate program in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and the master’s program in Global Medicine. Raised by a mother who trained in Ayurvedic Medicine, Chaitra believes that the future of medicine will benefit from an evidence-based integrative approach to inform patient care. Chaitra is excited about writing content that will inform both healthcare providers and patients about emerging topics and developments in the field of dermatology. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, baking, and spending time with her Goldendoodle, Luca.

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User: Jennifer Ornelas
Jennifer Ornelas

Dr. Jennifer Ornelas is a board-certified dermatologist and pediatric dermatologist. She has conducted translational research investigating botanical extracts as novel treatment options for acne and earned a master’s in clinical and translational research. She is passionate about working with children and adults alike and providing excellent care to all of her patients. She is committed to serving the medically underserved populations of the region and strives to provide culturally competent specialist care in her practice.

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