Course: Culinary Demo Additional Resource
Culinary Demo Additional Resource
Siri Chand Kaur Khalsa, MD
Join Dr. SiriChand Khalsa in the kitchen for this introductory cooking class to explore quick and simple techniques for cooking fresh vegetables. You will learn to broil, steam, and blanch in this class. This interactive video also includes delicious plant-based recipes. When cooking with fresh vegetables, these techniques will keep their colors bright and nutrients intact so that you can confidently add freshly cooked vegetables to any recipe.


User: sirichand@drsirichand.com
Siri Chand Kaur Khalsa

Dr. Khalsa has had a life-long interest in mindful living as the basis for long term vitality of mind, body and spirit. She completed a residency in Internal Medicine at The Mayo Clinic in 2005 and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Hospice/Palliative Medicine. Dr. Khalsa has deepened her studies on health and healing by becoming a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, and participating in a 2-year full-time program on Ayurveda at The Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque and India. Serving as an Integrative Medicine PCP, instructor at the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine fellowship for physicians and consultant to other medical practices, she has dedicated her career to promoting an increased understanding in clinical medicine of the link between long term vitality and the daily choices we make. She is currently focusing her energy to support physicians who want to expand their personal understanding of new ways of healing through an experiential process utilizing techniques in Ayurveda, yoga, mindfulness, and plant-based nutrition. She is also creating a plant-based lifestyle course in the fall that will be available for everyone.

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