Course: Sound Healing
Sound Healing
Ketrin Earwood, BA

Your Practice and the Art and Science of Sound Relaxation and Sound Healing

In this talk, you will get a short introduction to Sound Healing and Relaxation Responses to soothing music. We will discuss how your practice can benefit from using sound and music to complement and enhance your other services.


Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the science and origins of the Relaxation Response
  2. Review the differences between Sound Healing and Relaxing Music
  3. Discuss three ways to bring about the Relaxation Response for clients
  4. Identify at least two ways relaxation music can benefit your practice


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Ketrin Earwood

Serial entrepreneur currently in the business of individual self-support and healing modalities within the wellness and personal development industry. Skilled in Business Planning, Training Delivery, Sales Promotion, Positive Behavior Support, and Promotional Marketing Strategies.

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