Course: Office-Based Procedures for HS That Anyone Can Do!
Office-Based Procedures for HS That Anyone Can Do!
Hadar Lev-Tov, MD MAS
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HS is a tough disease to manage. Drugs and lifestyle changes alone, are often not enough to achieve remission. Surgical management is often needed and simple office-based procedures can make a big difference in outcomes. However, many clinicians are intimidated. It is time to shake off the hesitation, roll up your scrubs, and get to work! in this session, simple office-based procedures will be reviewed.


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User: Hadar Lev-Tov
Hadar Lev-Tov

Dr. Hadar Lev-Tov is a board-certified dermatologist with extensive research experience. Throughout his training and in daily practice, he has always believed that the key to achieving health for his patients is grounded in his ability to truly connect to their experiences and perceptions of health and well-being. Maimonides, one of the greatest philosophers of all time realized that human knowledge, often represented as "science," is limited. As a physician, he feels he would be a fool to believe all is known. Maimonides said, "The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." LearnSkin is his journey to a better understanding of his patients.

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