Course: The Application of Naturopathic Medicine to Aesthetic Dermatology
The Application of Naturopathic Medicine to Aesthetic Dermatology
Rob Ayoup, ND

Naturopathic aesthetics incorporates the application of naturopathic medicine approaches and therapies to improving skin health and beauty. A key aspect of this approach includes the incorporation of ‘whole-body’ skincare (i.e. going beyond just topical treatments). Mounting evidence is demonstrating the important roles played by dietary, oral supplements, and lifestyle factors (such as psychological stress, smoking, and overcoming barriers to sunscreen compliance) in affecting skin health and appearance. This course showcases the role of naturopathic aesthetics by exploring examples of each of these treatment avenues in the context of managing the signs of facial photoaging.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the roles of oxidation and glycation in the photoaging process
  • Identify specific foods, food categories, and preparation methods to limit dietary intake of exogenous advanced glycation end (AGE) products
  • Describe the evidence-based research on the biological effects of using topical niacinamide and oral collagen supplementation to improve skin appearance
  • Integrate patient education practices surrounding lifestyle factors involved in skin health, including motivational techniques for sunscreen use and fostering smoking cessation


User: Rob Ayoup
Rob Ayoup

Proudly celebrating nearly 20 years in the profession, Dr Rob Ayoup, Naturopathic Doctor, has worked to promote the rich benefits of Naturopathic Medicine to the public and colleagues alike. After achieving his BSc in Psychology from McGill University, this proud Montreal native travelled down the highway to attend The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Graduating in 2002, and settling in the Toronto area, he has enjoyed a career filled with varied and unique ways of offering Naturopathic Medicine to the public. In addition to clinical practice, these include: working as a CCNM recruitment representative and teaching assistant; organizing and teaching various public & professionally-focused Continuing Education courses; being a Naturopathic consultant for one of Canada’s largest nation-wide Employee Assistance Programs; and proudly penning a portfolio of published articles covering both general and retail-focused topics in natural medicine and Naturopathic Aesthetics alike.

The bridge into Naturopathic Aesthetics began soon after graduation. Upon completing additional training & certification in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Dr Ayoup soon found a strong interest in his patient population for less invasive and natural approaches to skin health and beauty. This was accelerated by the recognition that this realm of natural-based cosmetics and cosmetic techniques was underexplored in the Naturopathic field. As Dr Ayoup studied and integrated these therapies into his practice, he quickly realized how much Naturopathic therapies, and especially our approach, can offer in the arena of Aesthetics Medicine. Working within various medical spa and fitness facilities has provided a wonderful opportunity to share Naturopathic Aesthetics with a wide population. Building on his passion for constant learning and teaching, Dr Ayoup is eager to educate his fellow NDs, MDs, and all other healthcare providers as to this exciting & unique application of Naturopathic principals and therapies.



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