Course: How to Approach Challenging Cases of Atopic Dermatitis
How to Approach Challenging Cases of Atopic Dermatitis
James Song, MD
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Multiple randomized, placebo-controlled and real-world studies have shown biologics to have high levels of efficacy, tolerability and safety for atopic dermatitis since approval. Yet, there are still patients who either don’t respond or lose response over time. Herein, we provide a framework on how to approach these patients including how to optimize add-on therapy to dupilumab and when to consider switching to an alternative therapy. A Q&A session is included in this discussion with Dr. James Song and guest speaker Dr. Andrew Blauvelt.

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User: James Song
James Song

Dr. Song is the director of clinical research at Frontier Dermatology Partners. He is also a clinical instructor at the University of Washington and Silver Falls Dermatology. He specializes in inflammatory skin diseases, including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and hidradenitis suppurativa. Dr. Song is a regular contributor to the dermatology literature and speaks across the country as a key opinion leader.

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