Course: Thyroid Testing and Related Dermatological Conditions
Thyroid Testing and Related Dermatological Conditions
Maria Mas, ND

When assessing patients for dermatological conditions, naturopathic doctors take the health of the whole person into account as all body systems are connected. This course discusses the dermatological manifestations associated with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Conventional thyroid diagnostic testing markers are reviewed and compared to naturopathic and functional medicine approach to testing and analysis of thyroid marker ranges.

Learning Objectives

  • Review different types of thyroid dysfunction and dermatological symptoms patients may present with each one
  • Compare the differences between the conventional medical approaches to diagnostic testing for thyroid conditions with functional medicine and naturopathic approaches
  • Discuss which supplements and medications may interfere with thyroid marker lab results


User: Maria Mas
Maria Mas

Maria is a naturopathic doctor who attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has a strong interest in integrative dermatology, mental health, environmental medicine, and epigenetics. Maria’s passion is to help make integrative medicine more accessible, especially in the state of Florida where naturopathic medicine is currently not regulated. She is an active member of the FNPA and has participated in naturopathic advocacy and lobbying events such as the DCFLI. In the future, she aims to help others reach their own health goals by providing individualized treatment plans that address the multiple root causes of illness. She also loves animals and would like to help make integrative veterinary care more accessible as well.

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