Course: HS Management: A Case Based Approach
HS Management: A Case Based Approach
Hadar Lev-Tov, MD MAS +1

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a heterogeneous disease. Every patient is different but for each patient, the disease may be different on a given day. Therefore, despite the existence of management guidelines, creating a holistic treatment plan is not trivial. In this session, the creation of a treatment plan for patients with hidradenitis suppurativa will be explored via a case-based discussion with added focus on a patient's point of view.


User: Hadar Lev-Tov
Hadar Lev-Tov

Dr. Hadar Lev-Tov is a board-certified dermatologist with extensive research experience. Throughout his training and in daily practice, he has always believed that the key to achieving health for his patients is grounded in his ability to truly connect to their experiences and perceptions of health and well-being. Maimonides, one of the greatest philosophers of all time realized that human knowledge, often represented as "science," is limited. As a physician, he feels he would be a fool to believe all is known. Maimonides said, "The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it." LearnSkin is his journey to a better understanding of his patients.

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User: Brindley Brooks
Brindley Brooks

Armpit envy; it’s something I’m sure most have not experienced, or even considered. For those with HS, this is a normal occurrence. Being constantly aware of your clothing, drainage and odor are things that no one else takes into account on a normal day, but they are constantly running through the head of someone with HS. Wearing tank tops in summer, let alone bathing suits, strike fear in our hearts. I have tried, like most of us, almost everything to help with my HS. Some “treatments” made the situation worse and just added insult to injury. I was finally advised to see a surgeon and begrudgingly agreed. This consultation led me to the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. It has had a tremendous impact on my HS, and as a result, my entire life.

I've suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) for over years, beginning at the age of 10 as recurrent boil-like abscesses and I wasn’t diagnosed until 16 (like most with HS, it's typically a 7-10 year timeframe to diagnosis). I didn’t share my condition with anyone for fear of being seen as “gross” and unclean, which continued into adulthood. It wasn’t until I had wide excision surgery 5 years ago that I began telling people about my HS. 

I met Denise in an HS support group, and as a result, HS Connect (hsconnect.org) was born. Our patient-led non-profit organization focuses on eradicating misconceptions and stigmas, spreading factual and accurate information, and providing resources for everyone who suffers, including the medical community. 

I have 2 daughters with HS, a biological daughter 15, Stage 2 and stepdaughter, age 19, Stage 1. I hope to help eliminate the shame that HS patients face and move HS in the right direction with the help of HS Connect as a patient, parent, and advocate.

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