Course: 2023 Integrative Esthetician Track Lectures
2023 Integrative Esthetician Track Lectures
Asmi Sanghvi, DO +6

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  1. Clinically Proven Vegan, Cruelty-Free Skin-Gut-Brain Solutions for Acneic Skin Breakfast Product Theatre Sponsored by Codex Labs - Barbara Paldus
  2. How to Recognize Acne, Rosacea, Perioral Dermatitis, and Their Imposters - DeJarra Sims, ND
  3. Modalities and Key Ingredients to Address Acne, Rosacea, and Perioral Dermatitis- Asmi Sanghvi, MD
  4. Preventing and Remediating Inflammatory Skin Conditions Using Topically Applied Stem Cell-Released Nolecules Sponsored by NeoGenesis
  5. Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation Techniques - Seva Nibley, LMT HHP AP
  6. Integrative Approach to Hyperpigmentation - Raja Sivamani, MD MS AP
  7. Innovations in Light Therapy for Medical Aesthetics - Mark Tager, MD
  8. Advancing Aesthetics with Spore-Based Probiotics Product Theatre Lunch Sponsored by Microbiome Labs - Raja Sivamani, MD MS AP
  9. Skin Toxicity and Its Effects on Men of Color - Lashelle Ullie, LE CMA
  10. Topical Vitamins and Stem Cells - Raja Sivamani, MD MS AP
  11. Serums and Ingredients Demonstration - Millicent Russo, LE LEI CLT LSO


User: Asmi Sanghvi
Asmi Sanghvi

Dr. Asmi Sanghvi, a board-certified dermatologist, is on a transformative mission to redefine skincare. With a focus on uncovering underlying imbalances that impact skin health, she delved into the principles of Ayurveda—an ancient healing system emphasizing balance and natural remedies. Dr. Sanghvi's unique approach incorporates the power of diet and nutrition, complementing medical and cosmetic treatments. Through personalized care, she addresses both visible signs of skin issues and their root causes, empowering patients to achieve healthy, radiant skin that reflects their unique beauty.

Dr. Sanghvi's credentials include an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, a Medical Degree from LECOM, Dermatology Residency Training at Orlando Dermatology, a fellowship in Integrative Dermatology, a certification in Ayurvedic Philosophy of Medicine and Nutrition at the BHAGAVAT Culinary School, and an aesthetics and laser fellowship in NYC. As a Clinical Instructor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she actively contributes to the field of dermatology. Dr. Sanghvi's expertise has been recognized through publications in esteemed journals and textbooks, along with features in podcasts, magazines, and online articles. Through her innovative approach and passion for holistic care, Dr. Sanghvi invites everyone on a transformative journey towards healthy, radiant skin that reflects their unique beauty, both inside and out.

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User: dejarra.sims@learnskin.com
DeJarra Sims

Dr. DeJarra K. Sims, known by her patients as Dr. DJ,  is a Naturopathic Doctor, published author, and prolific speaker. She received her Bachelor's in Biology from Prairie View A&M University, in Texas, and she completed her doctorate at Sonoran University of Health Sciences in Phoenix (formerly SCNM). She has served as an Assistant Professor and Core Faculty at Bastyr University California teaching Dermatology and Business Practices and as a former Adjunct Clinical Professor at Sonoran University. 

Dr. DJ established her virtual clinic Superhero SkinCare to remind women of their identity and bring out the adventurous, gorgeous superhero that exists within them. To do this, she provides personalized treatment plans to improve the skin, reset the liver, balance hormones, and support digestion.

Dr. DJ is a well-known keynote speaker, who has given talks at medical conferences and even Comic-Con! Her training in improvisational comedy at The Finest City Improv in San Diego and The Second City in Hollywood has helped her create lively and energetic presentations that keep audiences engaged as they learn. 

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User: shellshock624@gmail.com
Lashelle Ullie

His passion for having people embrace their individual beauty and skincare led to a 20+ year career working in cosmetics and product development with Neiman Marcus, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown,

MAC Cosmetics, and many, many other high-end brands. Lashelle empowers his clients with easy, effective, and accessible skin care treatments that result in healthy-looking skin and effortless self-confidence. Lashelle is trained in oncology skin health and has created workshops and course curricula on The effects of cancer on the skin with Cancer Tower Research center, in Beverly Hills as well as Cancer support LA. His Purpose is the education of normalizing men's skin health through the mindset of self-care. His Goal is to inspire more wellness practices that enable men to be empowered to stay on the path of a lifelong journey of optimal health and well-being, as well as have skin health practices seen as a vital part of integrative healthcare.

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User: Mark Tager
Mark Tager

Dr. Tager is known fo d training his colleagues. He is most passionate about building skin health and beauty through combinations of personalized nutrition, intelligent supplementation, and aesthetic treatment. He has served as the founding Vice President of Marketing for Reliant Technologies, where he launched the Fraxel® laser and introduced the science of fractional photothermolysis to physicians around the world. He organized and created training modules for Hydrafacial prior to its acquisition. He has served as Chief Marketing Officer for Syneron and as chief marketing consultant for Lutronic. Dr. Tager helped launch Senté.

As a consultant, Dr. Tager has helped numerous aesthetic, nutraceutical, medical device, and clinical laboratory companies organize, clarify, and disseminate their message to practitioners and consumers. He has produced more than 400 video training programs in his career. Building upon his work helping healthcare professionals enhance their presence in person, on camera and online, Dr. Tager has conducted extensive training for the sales teams of Galderma, Allergan, and Viora (now Sinclair). Along with his colleague, has trained more than 1,000 professionals in presentation and persuasion skills (https://www.changewell.com/Training).

Most recently, Dr. Tager created the 40-hour CME course on Personalized Nutrition for Practitioners on behalf of The American Nutrition Association. He serves as host and course creator for the 9-hour professional online course Inside Skin Beauty. He served as Director of Practice Management for Miami Cosmetic Surgery and is on the faculty of Duke Integrative Medicine. His most recent book is Feed Your Skin Right: Your Personalized Nutrition Plan for Radiant Beauty. He did his medical training at Duke Medical School and Family Practice at the University of Oregon.

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User: Millicent Russo
Millicent Russo

Millicent Russo, LE LEI CLT LSO WFR is on a mission to elevate the aesthetics industry. She founded the Integrated Aesthetics Institute and the Integrated Aesthetics Association. Both provide high quality aesthetic education and business building opportunities. She is know for her well researched, through and detail oriented presentations. Millicent provides a boutique style - world class educational experiences in an engaging atmosphere.


Her alumni are some of the most successful in the industry. She is a consultant for physicians, nurses and aesthetics schools. She lectures around the country and trains educators of professional skin care brands. She was named a ‘Top 20 Entrepreneur of 2022’ by Phoenix Magazine. She will be hosting the 2023 Men’s Esthetics Conference and will be a Skin Games judge in 2023.

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User: Raja Sivamani
Raja Sivamani

Dr. Raja Sivamani is a board-certified dermatologist and practices as an integrative dermatologist at Pacific Skin Institute. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Dermatology at the University of California, Davis and Director of Clinical Research and the Clinical Trials Unit.He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the California State University, Sacramento and an Associate Professor of Dermatology at California Northstate University, College of Medicine.He engages in clinical practice as well as both clinical and translational research that integrates bioengineering, nutrition, cosmetics, and skin biology. With training in both Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, he takes an integrative approach to his patients and in his research.He has published over 100 peer-reviewed research manuscripts, 10 textbook chapters, and a textbook entitled Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics, 3rd Edition with a passion for expanding the evidence and boundaries of integrative medicine for skin care.

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User: Seva Van Why
Seva Van Why

In the early 90’s I moved to San Diego and soon found a position at The Chopra Center for Well Being.  I began in the kitchen helping to prepare special meals for guests in the Pancha Karma program, until my heart led me to become an apprentice to the therapists.  I was pleased to learn that methods I was being taught were from Dr. John Douilliard who was the former director, and  came from the Maharishi lineage where Dr. Douilliard also was a director. Dr. Chopra was on site often back in those days and would hold Satsangs once a month, teaching us about Ayurveda and spirituality. This experience sparked the beginning of my path as a healer.

I enrolled in a 1000 Hr Holistic Health Practitioner program where I was trained in several massage modalities as well as Herbs and Nutrition (Ayurvedic Body Therapy classes were not available then). Upon completing I became an Intern at The Optimum Health Institute, and gained more experience facilitating guests that were undergoing intense cleansing and regaining their health and vitality.  

Soon following, I managed a private practice of massage and teaching Yoga classes for 16 years in San Diego. I also trained and practiced as a Holistic Midwife for 10 of those years and acquired more skills such as organic farming of vegetables and medicinal herbs, which I used to create a pharmacy for my clients and myself.  During that time I also raised two beautiful sons.

I moved to Nevada City, Ca in the spring of 2016 to return full circle to my path in Ayurveda. I have been trained at the California College of Ayurveda in all the classical Ayurvedic Body Therapies for Pancha Karma and for Day Spa.  I quickly joined the team at The Ayurvedic Healthcare Center becoming the lead therapist for Pancha Karma and Day Spa therapies until opening my own practice in 2019. I am an Ayurvedic Health & Wellness counselor and clinical Ayurvedic Body therapist specializing health consulting, cleanse & detox programs that can include Pancha Karma therapies, from a referal by an Ayurvedic Doctorl  As well as providing therapies, I am an experienced Ayurvedic chef, & educator.

I am currently an instructor with Healing Mountain teaching Ayurveda, Crystal Healing, & Aromatherapy.

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