Course: Supplements for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety
Supplements for the Treatment of Depression and Anxiety
Markus Ploesser, MD

The market size for vitamins and supplements in the USA is currently at $36 bn, with trends anticipating growth in the next five years.1 Given that 15-30% of patients with depression experience therapy resistance to current standard therapies,2 the use of supplements for the treatment of these disorders may be an alternative solution for these patients. The following is an overview of the evidence concerning frequently used supplements for the treatment of depression and anxiety, either as monotherapy or in conjunction with pharmacological therapies.


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Markus Ploesser

Markus Ploesser, MD is Board Certified in General and Forensic Psychiatry through ABPN. Dr.Ploesser is also a diplomate of ABPS in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Ploesser completed his Psychiatry residency training at the Columbia University and his fellowship training in Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Washington. He is also a graduate of Columbia University School of Law in the LLM program. Dr. Ploesser completed additional fellowship training in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Ploesser has a vast array of clinical interests. However, his areas of expertise include adult ADHD, holistic, and integrative medicine. He is also specializing in forensic psychiatry and evaluations.

Dr. Ploesser is interested in Integrative Medicine and prefers to minimize the need for prescription medications. He believes that what we eat can affect our mental health and that our lifestyle changes make a difference in mental health.

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Mary Brittain Blankenship

Mary Brittain Blankenship, MD is the founder of Spruce MD Integrative Medicine in Greenville, SC. She is board certified in internal medicine and has experience in both hospital medicine and cardiovascular inpatient medicine. She received her medical degree from the University of South Alabama and completed a residency in internal medicine through the University of Utah. Through the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine she completed an integrative medicine fellowship in 2018. Her medical interests include integrative approaches to treating chronic disease, athletic performance optimization and eating disorders. Outside of her clinic, Mary Brittain enjoys long-distance running, road and mountain biking, yoga and traveling with her family. She is an avid cook, voracious reader and amateur pilot.

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