Course: Plant-Based Diets for Women's Health Concerns
Plant-Based Diets for Women's Health Concerns
Yvonne Nong

This series explores the evidence behind plant-based dietary patterns for the prevention and treatment of women’s health concerns. Topics include the benefits of plant-forward diets and their effects on reproductive, sexual, and gynecologic health.


User: Yvonne Nong
Yvonne Nong
Throughout my childhood, my family and I relied on fast food for dinners since it was the most convenient option for my parents who worked late most evenings. Growing into my adolescent years, I continued to struggle with intermittent flare-ups of my atopic dermatitis. Like most teenagers, I noticed my unhealthy habits and how that was affecting my overall wellbeing. In an effort to optimize my health and that of my family’s, I delved into fitness, nutrition and wellness. My newfound passion led me to become a fitness trainer and obtain a graduate degree in nutrition at Columbia Institute of Human Nutrition so that I could help others attain their health goals.
As I continue on my medical school journey to become a dermatologist, I am looking forward to carrying on these principles that have motivated me to pursue a career in medicine. I want to utilize my strong foundation in exercise, diet, and wellness to provide integrative and holistic care for patients struggling with dermatologic diseases. I am passionate about education and aim to utilize this position as a LearnSkin Intern to help others expand their skin health knowledge. Above all, I am excited to work with a likeminded team that is enthusiastic about all aspects of skin health!
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User: Anne Kennard
Anne Kennard

Anne Kennard is an obstetrician/gynecologist, integrative medicine physician, nutrition expert, herbalist and mom to a toddler. She is passionate about women's health in the body, mind, and spirit. She works as an OB/GYN and is the Director of Integrative Medicine and Physician Wellness Officer for Dignity Central Coast. She enjoys speaking and teaching on women's Integrative Medicine, Food as Medicine, and herbal medicine topics around the country, and her first book is expected in July 2019. Find her online at www.drannekennard.com and @dr_anne_kennard (IG) and @drannekennard (FB).

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