Beyond the Surface: Healing Skin Disease Through Body Awareness
Beyond the Surface: Healing Skin Disease Through Body Awareness
Keira Barr, MD +1

Join us for a presentation about the importance of cultivating nervous system and stress resilience for skin healing. Learn embodied skills like movement, breath, and the "felt sense" to heal trauma associated with skin conditions. Engage in experiential techniques to support your own and others' healing processes. Following the lecture we will share what the Dermatology: Clinical & Integrative Essentials (DCIE) program has to offer. If you have been thinking about enhancing your clinical dermatology skills, join us for a fun evening of expert discussion and Q&A!

To learn more about the DCIE, visit: https://get.learnskin.com/dcie/

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand what trauma is and how it happens: Learn how the physiologic and psychologic impact of trauma impacts skin health
  • Apply Embodied Skills: Use movement, breath, and the "felt sense" for sensory integration and nervous system regulation
  • Support Physical Healing: Gain tools to support your own physical processes while working with patients
  • Aid Trauma Recovery: Explore techniques to help clients with various forms of trauma through somatic practices


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Keira Barr

Keira Barr, MD is an innovator in transformative wellness, combining her work in integrative dermatology, mind-body medicine and embodied education with body-based trauma healing approaches to skin health. As a speaker,author, and host of “The Skinny Dipping Rx” podcast, Dr. Keira teaches people around the world how to relieve stress and rejuvenate from within. She created the Somatic Skincare™ method to support her mission of revolutionizing skincare as an act of radical self-care, blending science with soul to help women around the world amplify their resilience, confidence and comfort in their skin. Her expertise, bridging the gap between skin health and mental health, has earned recognition in top media outlets like MindBodyGreen, Glamour, SELF and Oprah magazines as well as prestigious medical journals. 

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Valerie A Stern

Valerie A Stern, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C is a board certified, SDPA Dermatology Diplomate Fellow practicing integrative dermatology. Valerie has specialized in dermatology for over 20 years and practices general, surgical, cosmetic and laser dermatology from an integrative standpoint. 


Valerie received her degree in Physician Assistant Medicine from Keck, USC School of Medicine, she then obtained her masters degree in dermatology from the University of Nebraska Medical School followed by doctorate degrees in medical science with emphasis on dermatology and physician assistant education from Lynchburg University in Virginia.  


Valerie lectures and teaches at USC Keck School of Medicine, Department of Physician Assistant Studies as well as acting as an expert in legal case testimonial during malpractice litigation involving advanced practice providers. Valerie has been an international laser trainer, educator and lecturer for two large laser companies over the past 15 years. 


Valerie is passionate about providing the highest quality care to each and every patient she sees. She believes that internal optimization is key to overall health which manifests outwardly onto the skin. Understanding root cause etiology plays a significant role in keeping the skin at its best.


In her free time, Valerie loves to study, learning all she can about environmental interactions and genetic predisposition, focusing on such factors as toxins in our homes, the foods we consume, and the products we put on our skin daily, all of which impact our overall health and well being.  


Valerie’s goal is to provide each patient with the education and comprehensive care they deserve through quality interactions using a team approach, helping to achieve success in their skin health goals. 

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