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  1. Nicole Edmonds
    Nicole Edmonds
    My name is Nicole Edmonds, and I am a fourth year medical student at the University of Virginia (UVA). I also attended UVA for college where I graduated as an Echols Scholar with a bachelor degree in Spanish. My mom is a dermatologist, so I have grown up fostering an interest in the field of dermatology. For as long as I can remember, I was leaning over her shoulder to help identify skin lesions in the latest dermatology journals or accompanying her to work to meet her patients and see this pathology in person. I am currently the president of the Dermatology Interest Group and have been involved in a multitude of research projects since starting medical school. A particular research interest of mine is health disparities in skin cancer screening and how we can use this research to improve our outreach. I am excited to be a part of the LearnSkin team!

  2. Jennifer Ornelas
    Jennifer Ornelas
    Dr. Jennifer Ornelas is a board-certified dermatologist and pediatric dermatologist. She has conducted translational research investigating botanical extracts as novel treatment options for acne and earned a master’s in clinical and translational research.

  3. Alexander Woods
    Alexander Woods
    Hi, my name is Alexander Woods; I’m a third-year medical student at the Chicago Medical School. I was born and raised in metro-Detroit, Michigan. I subsequently went to the University of Michigan where I studied neuroscience. Along my path in college and medical school, I fell in love with the field of dermatology. My personal history of rosacea and family history of vitiligo is what piqued my interest originally; however, the systemic complexity and the interplay between the immune system and the skin are what have continued to fuel my passion for dermatology. Understanding why dermatologic diseases manifest and the mechanisms of action of the therapeutic options to combat this makes studying a leisure activity. In addition, my fascination with dermatology is fueled from the immense psychological and social impact the skin can have on people. Helping people physically and psychologically heal is rewarding and brings me joy. For these reasons, I would love to help write at LearnSkin so that I can help provide dermatologists and other clinicians with valuable educational material.

  4. Lela Altman
    Lela Altman
    Lela Altman ND MSA LAc began working in the medical field in 1998, first as a nursing assistant, then as a medical assistant. This experience inspired her to pursue an education in the natural health sciences. Dr. Altman earned her Bachelor’s in Science from The Evergreen State College where she focused on ethnobotany, biology and chemistry. She then earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Acupuncture at Bastyr University in 2011. She went on to complete a 3-year residency at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. While working as a chief resident she completed additional training in evidence-based medicine and carried out diabetes research. She created the Digestive Wellness clinic at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health which she currently supervises. Additionally, she teaches full-time at Bastyr University, has a private practice at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health and sees patients at the Center for Integrative Medicine at Virginia Mason Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Dr. Altman also is considered an expert in the field of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She has written articles, given continuing medical education lectures and performed interviews in several venues on this topic.

  5. Barbara Paldus
    Barbara Paldus
    Barbara A Paldus, Ph.D., is a scientist, entrepreneur and investor. Prior to Codex Beauty, she spent two decades leading innovation in spectroscopy, telecommunications, and biotechnology. By 34, she founded two Silicon Valley companies that, among many breakthroughs, paved the way for carbon cycle/natural gas pipeline monitoring, and accessible vaccine/cancer therapeutic manufacturing. Barb, who studied electrical engineering at Stanford, has been awarded 40 U.S. patents and numerous prizes in science.

  6. Martha Viera
    Martha Viera
    Martha Viera, MD, is a dermatologist and cutaneous surgeon at Martha Viera Dermatology in Coral Gables, Florida. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Viera completed medical school in 2001 at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas. Following medical school, she finished one year of general surgery and four years of dermatology residency at the University of Miami Miller Medical School. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of medicine. Dr. Viera has been part of several renowned health centers inside and outside of the United States, including the Hospital of Central University of Venezuela and the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. She is a volunteer faculty member at the Department of Dermatology at the University of Miami, where she devotes her time to teaching the residents in training.

  7. Pamela Springer
    Pamela Springer
    Pamela Springer’s knowledge has given her the recognition as a leader in aesthetics education. She is highly sought after professional speaker for TV, medical conferences and aesthetics tradeshows. She has appeared on Oprah, as well as a skincare expert on local stations, such as FOX, NBC and ABC affiliates.   Pamela began her career in the beauty industry as a National Training Director for a major skincare company. She soon discovered the industry’s lack of information on the skin care needs of the ethnic market. This encouraged her to complete her licensing goals as an Aesthetician and also, as an Aesthetics Instructor.   Though her initial training in aesthetics allowed her to know the skin and its treatments of various skin conditions, there was no training in the nuances of ethnic skins.   Searching for this training, she was introduced to a well-known board certified dermatologist and medical school professor who specialized in Ethno Dermatology and was given a 9-month internship. Pamela realized the importance of this untapped market and founded The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona, offering studies in the anomalies seen in skin of color.   In 2009, Springer introduced Global Skin Solutions, a corrective PRO skin care product line. Global Skin Solutions is formulated to reflect the unique challenges consumers face in today’s diverse ethnic market. For more information or a personal consultation, send an email to [email protected].  

  8. Adriana Cruz
    Adriana Cruz
    Dr. Adriana Cruz studied medicine and dermatology at the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. She conducted a research fellowship at University of Connecticut and worked for more than 12 years in syphilis related research projects. Dr. Cruz has served as an advisor for Colombian Ministry of Health, as a teacher at Universidad del Valle and CIDEIM and currently is part of the Colombian Dermatology Society – AsoColDerma’s directive board. Dr. Cruz enjoys leading and organizing academic events and also devotes time for social responsibility activities.     Médica y dermatóloga formada en la Universidad del Valle, Colombia, con un posdoc en investigación en la Universidad de Connecticut. Ha sido asesora del Ministerio de Salud, docente universitario, hace parte de la Junta Directiva de la Asociación Colombiana de Dermatología - AsoColDerma, miembro de la AAD, CILAD. Actulamente cursando el Certificado de Dermatología Integrativa LearnSkin en USA. Líder de opinión y gestora de actividades académicas y de responsabilidad social en la Ciudad de Cali. Cuenta con varias publicaciones en revistas internacionales indexadas y ha participado como conferencista en varios escenarios.

  9. Laurie Marbas
    Laurie Marbas
    Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA is a double board certified family medicine and lifestyle medicine physician, who has been utilizing food as medicine since 2012. She is the co-founder and chief medical officer of Mora Medical (Mora.com) which offers physician led medical groups that employ the power of lifestyle medicine to help patients achieve health. She is currently holds 50 state medical licenses (plus DC) across the United States. She is the former co-founder of Plant Based TeleHealth and was the first Managing Editor for the Plantrician Project’s International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention. She is also the host of the Health and Mora podcast, whose mission is to provide resources that will empower individuals with the knowledge, mindset, and inspiration to successfully adopt lifestyle interventions and achieve health and wellbeing.  Laurie received her dual degrees from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and TTU School of Business. She was awarded the TTU School of Medicine Gold Headed Cane Award, a symbol for excellence in the art of medicine and the care of patients. She wrote seven books while in medical school, six of which were in a series called “Visual Mnemonics.” These books used cartoons to help people memorize vast amounts of information—a system that helped her personally when she was a mom attending medical school. As a USAF veteran, she served in the Middle East and South America. She is also a wife, mom of three grown children, author, speaker, and avid runner.

  10. Lily Guo
    Lily Guo
    My name is Lily Guo and I was born in Long Island, NY. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and am pursuing my MD from Chicago Medical School. I love spending time outdoors, skiing, surfing, and on the beach

  11. Chelsea Lieu
    Chelsea Lieu
    Chelsea is a first-year medical student at Rosalind Franklin University who is fascinated by skin health and eager to build a career as a dermatologist. Her passion for medicine is rooted in her love for learning and endless curiosity about how the human body works. She believes her academic success comes from her inability to merely accept information that is presented to her without thinking through why that information makes sense. Chelsea loves solving puzzles and figuring out creative solutions to problems, which is what drives her interest in research. During her undergraduate studies, she spent two years working in a developmental neurobiology lab, where she was taught how to think critically about research design and come to my own conclusions about the validity and interpretation of results presented in research articles. She spent the next three years working in two different clinical research departments, where she helped refine study protocols by giving feedback about logistical issues and practicality when it came to actually implementing protocols. Chelsea's interest in skin started from her experiences dealing with various skin pathologies of her own for years, with the most frustrating of them being dyshidrotic eczema. After seeing many different physicians and doing reading of my own, I was fascinated by how many different factors could contribute to its development. As she begins to learn more about this organ system, she has grown even more excited and certain that this is the field she wants to dedicate her career to. She is eager for more opportunities to learn about skin health.

  12. Valerie A Stern
    Valerie A Stern
    Valerie A Stern, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C is a board certified, SDPA Dermatology Diplomate Fellow practicing integrative dermatology. Valerie has specialized in dermatology for over 20 years and practices general, surgical, cosmetic and laser dermatology from an integrative standpoint.    Valerie received her degree in Physician Assistant Medicine from Keck, USC School of Medicine, she then obtained her masters degree in dermatology from the University of Nebraska Medical School followed by doctorate degrees in medical science with emphasis on dermatology and physician assistant education from Lynchburg University in Virginia.     Valerie lectures and teaches at USC Keck School of Medicine, Department of Physician Assistant Studies as well as acting as an expert in legal case testimonial during malpractice litigation involving advanced practice providers. Valerie has been an international laser trainer, educator and lecturer for two large laser companies over the past 15 years.    Valerie is passionate about providing the highest quality care to each and every patient she sees. She believes that internal optimization is key to overall health which manifests outwardly onto the skin. Understanding root cause etiology plays a significant role in keeping the skin at its best.   In her free time, Valerie loves to study, learning all she can about environmental interactions and genetic predisposition, focusing on such factors as toxins in our homes, the foods we consume, and the products we put on our skin daily, all of which impact our overall health and well being.     Valerie’s goal is to provide each patient with the education and comprehensive care they deserve through quality interactions using a team approach, helping to achieve success in their skin health goals. 

  13. Samantha Tran
    Samantha Tran
    Samantha is a 3rd year medical student at Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine. Prior to medical school, she worked as a medical scribe and a pharmacy technician. Samantha has a strong interest in dermatology and believes that healthy skin is a reflection of our inner health. Samantha’s goal as a future physician is to provide quality care for her patients and equip them with the knowledge so that they can be proactive about their health.

  14. Katherine Varman
    Katherine Varman
    Dr. Katherine Varman is a board-certified dermatologist currently practicing at Kaiser-Permanente in Roseville, CA. She has a small farm with her husband and they feel passionately about teaching their children about plants, animals and responsible farming practices. She believes that food is medicine and that our personal relationships with family and community are the key to health and wellness.Dr. Varman did her medical training at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine which was supplemented with a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship. She completed her intern year at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga then dermatology residency at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

  15. jenna yousif
    jenna yousif
    Jenna Yousif is a 3rd year medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan where she majored in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and minored in Music. She will be pursuing a clinical research year between her 3rd and 4th year of medical school at Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine Department of Dermatology in New York City. Her dermatology interests include psoriasis, hair loss, and cutaneous oncology.

  16. Asmi Sanghvi
    Asmi Sanghvi
    Dr. Asmi Sanghvi, a board-certified dermatologist, is on a transformative mission to redefine skincare. With a focus on uncovering underlying imbalances that impact skin health, she delved into the principles of Ayurveda—an ancient healing system emphasizing balance and natural remedies. Dr. Sanghvi's unique approach incorporates the power of diet and nutrition, complementing medical and cosmetic treatments. Through personalized care, she addresses both visible signs of skin issues and their root causes, empowering patients to achieve healthy, radiant skin that reflects their unique beauty. Dr. Sanghvi's credentials include an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, a Medical Degree from LECOM, Dermatology Residency Training at Orlando Dermatology, a fellowship in Integrative Dermatology, a certification in Ayurvedic Philosophy of Medicine and Nutrition at the BHAGAVAT Culinary School, and an aesthetics and laser fellowship in NYC. As a Clinical Instructor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she actively contributes to the field of dermatology. Dr. Sanghvi's expertise has been recognized through publications in esteemed journals and textbooks, along with features in podcasts, magazines, and online articles. Through her innovative approach and passion for holistic care, Dr. Sanghvi invites everyone on a transformative journey towards healthy, radiant skin that reflects their unique beauty, both inside and out.

  17. Kris Somol
    Kris Somol
    Dr. Kris Somol is a primary care provider in the Seattle area of Washington State. Dr. Somol specializes in women's health issues, and adolescent care. Dr. Somol graduated from Bastyr University in 2005, and completed a two-year residency at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle. She is currently clinical academic faculty at Bastyr University, Kenmore campus, teaching Gynecology, Advanced Gynecology, Integrated Case Studies, and classes in mental health. Dr. Somol is committed to working collaboratively with her patients to create successful improvements in their health.

  18. Mincy Chakkalakal
    Mincy Chakkalakal
    I graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2018 with a BS in Biological Sciences. I am currently working on my thesis project with Dr.Sivamani at Integrative Skin Science and Research (ISSR) in Sacramento, CA as a master's student in the Masters of Medical Sciences Program at Boston University.   I am beyond excited to be working with LearnSkin to gain a better understanding of how the integration of Eastern and Western medicine improves patient care and outcomes through a more holistic approach to medicine. My interests include academic research, integrative dermatology and integrative medicine.

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